• At Quuikfeet, we understand that every athlete has their own unique body mechanics. Skates are inherently designed for the mass market, which can lead to instability and discomfort for some players since everyone has to adhere to the same center of balance. Our performance insoles, however, strive to give every player the opportunity to sustainably tailor their skates to their own needs, without the need to completely customize their skates.

  • Our insoles are designed to unlock each individual player's untapped potential based on their body's center of mass in an athletic stance. They feature a design that allows a player to quickly and easily adapt their skates to their unique athletic stance, allowing them to achieve a more stable skate experience and gain better performance on the ice.

  • After following in the footsteps of his father “Red” and playing on an elite track in hockey, Kelly discovered his gift of speed. While playing USports (formerly CIS) hockey for McGill University and studying aeronautical engineering, Kelly decided to make the switch to speed skating, eventually competing in thirteen national championships, four world championships, and two Olympics, with best race finishes of 1st, 4th, and 6th respectively.

    It was during the preparation time honing his skating technique and skates, that Kelly began to find unique solutions to stability issues: issues that are also found in the field of aeronautics where Kelly had worked as an engineer.

    Following the end of his elite competition and being highly proficient and knowledgeable on all forms of skating, Kelly stayed in elite skating sports by working with NHL players, elite speed skaters, and figure skaters.

  • After witnessing the instability of almost all his clients, Kelly realized that these sports needed a systematic method of reducing the instability. After more than ten years of R&D, Kelly had developed his own performance insoles and a method of tailoring skates to one’s own body mechanics. While working with the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club as its skating consultant, Kelly was able to prove the applicability and worth of the insoles by having NHL players use them successfully.

    Now, Kelly’s insoles and method have been refined to bring even more stability, with over 150+ NHL players benefiting from the technology.

    With success in the NHL, Kelly has partnered with former McGill Varsity Hockey Alumni, Alex Sills and Jan Kaminsky, to co-found Quuikfeet, bringing the massive benefits of this technology to skaters around the world of any skill level.

Our Team

  • Alex Sills

    Co-founder and Business Development Lead

    Alex is the lead of Business Development at Quuikfeet with a focus on driving growth across all retail and partner channels, as well as managing the company's general sales. With a proven track record in business development and startups, Alex spent the last 2 years leading business development at a Quebec-based tech startup.

    He holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and played for the Men's Varsity Hockey team during his time there. Prior to McGill, Alex competed at the Major Junior Level (QMJHL) with the Sherbrooke Phoenix, Rouyn-Noranda Huskies, and the Quebec Remparts.

  • Patrick Kelly

    Co-Founder & Product Development Lead

    Patrick is the lead for Product Development at Quuikfeet, responsible for inventing the first Quuikfeet product, which was formerly known as "Reddog Hockey Boosts". He oversees the production and ensures the quality of the Quuikfeet product.

    Patrick is a graduate of McGill University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, where he also played hockey for the Men's Varsity Hockey team. After his time at McGill, he went on to compete at the National and Olympic level for team Canada in Speed Skating. It was during this time that Patrick developed the first versions of what we now call Quuikfeet. He then went on to work with NHL teams such as the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Arizona Coyotes as a skating consultant.

  • Jan Kaminsky

    Co-founder, E-Commerce and Marketing Lead

    Jan is the E-Commerce and Marketing lead at Quuikfeet. He is responsible for the continued growth of Quuikfeet's digital presence, and oversees the marketing efforts and branding of the company. Jan has extensive experience in e-commerce strategy and implementation, serving as an consultant in the digital enablement of enterprise companies for over 5 years.

    He is a graduate of McGill University, earning a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering while playing for the Men's Varsity Hockey team. Prior to studying and playing hockey at McGill, Jan competed at the Junior A and Major Junior levels with the Wellington Dukes (OJHL) and the Belleville Bulls (OHL), respectively.

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