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As a skater, your stability on the ice is crucial to your performance. However, achieving the perfect balance point can be challenging, especially when your body's natural angle of equilibrium doesn't match the drop angle of your skates.

Skates are designed with the heel higher than the toes, which may help with stability, but everyone has a unique angle of equilibrium that provides them with the most stability. The majority of the time, these two angles are not the same. If your body's angle and your skate's drop angle are not aligned, it will cause instability, making you spend excess energy trying to rebalance in your skates.


Altering your skate boot to match your angle of equilibrium can be a tedious and time-consuming process that may lead to an early breakdown of your skate. Moreover, your angle of equilibrium can change over time due to age or injuries, making altering the skate too rigid of an approach for most players.

This is where Quuikfeet comes in. These performance inserts are designed to easily change the drop angle of your skate by inserting them into your skate underneath your existing insole. Quuikfeet performance inserts allow your skate's drop angle to match your body's angle of equilibrium, maximizing stability without requiring skate alteration.

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